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Fed up of wasting time? Find out the facts about what restaurant managers spend their time doing and how to run a more efficient restaurant.

Time management affects us all. However, in the restaurant sector it seems even more critical than most. The time it takes you to schedule a shift or deal with a complaint, manage staff or order new supplies for the restaurant, every tasks takes out precious time that it makes it difficult to fit it all into your working week.

We recently undertook a survey to ask restaurant managers exactly what they were spending their time doing.

Our results to this survey found that every restaurant manager was working an average of more than 40 hours a week, with 40% of these restaurant managers saying that they worked over a whopping 50 hours a week. So, how can restaurant managers save time? We firstly looked at where restaurant managers are spending their time:

Surprisingly, only 37% of time was spent on providing service or managing customers. Another 15% was devoted to marketing, but almost half of the time was spent on staff and schedules. The chart below shows these results in more detail:

We also asked restaurant managers what worried them and we found out that 40% of restaurant manager's biggest worries were inefficient practices such as having to rewrite out orders, reordering food and outdated technology.

This suggested to us that anything which was going to help reduce inefficient practices would be a useful tool for any restaurant manager. We have used this research to develop Presto Express, a restaurant point of sale system.

If you are interested in finding out how you can reduce inefficiencies in your restaurant, our white paper details a range of solutions to help you to be more productive on a day to day basis. We like to call this our secret R.E.C.I.P.E for success.


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