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Restaurant Marketing Success in 3 Steps

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Want more customers visiting your restaurant? Of course you do. But how can you? You always have such a full schedule, working a 50, 60, or even a 70 hour week. Here are 3 ideas to help you market your restaurant to more customers, quickly.

1) Get People Talking:

Is a costly mortgage or high rent fee gobbling your profits? There is a reason your location costs so much - it is because you have a high footfall outside your restaurant which means that you have a huge marketing opportunity.

Shops often spend huge sums of money on their window displays to get customers taking about their brands. Harrods, for example, gets thousands of visitors to their window display every Christmas. This is because shops understand the value of word of mouth promotion. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing asset. After all, why wouldn't you trust something your friend or colleague said?

Turn one of your largest overheads into a marketing tool by making the most of your restaurants window display. Is your window display clean and inviting? If you were walking past, would you read the menu? What could you put in your window display to get customers talking about your restaurant? We,re not saying that your window display needs to be as extravagant as Harrods, but having fresh, innovative and eye-catching features will get your customers talking about your brand.

2) Energise your brand

Your customers do not need to trade off anymore - they don't have to choose between quick or healthy, cheap or tasty. In the competitive restaurant industry, it is no longer enough to say you are selling budget food, quickly.

Take McDonalds as an example, they are now selling fast food, from sustainable and local sources, with healthier options now available. Energize your brand by making sure that you are catering for every customer need.

3) Don't get complaints

Complaints spread like wildfire and a complaint not dealt with properly spreads like wildfire with petrol thrown on it. If you keep getting complaints about slow service, find a solution to speed up restaurant service. If you are getting complaints about your food, find a solution to improve your food.

In this era of social media, it is easy to find out what customers are saying about your brand - check out sites like Trip Advisor, Twitter and Facebook to find your reviews. Alternatively, you can find what is being said about your restaurant by using sites like Buzzsumo, Followerwonk or set up a Google Alert for your brand mentions.

We know that as a restaurant manager, you have little time for marketing your business, but by making sure you have the foundations in place it can help to improve your efficiency. For more information on improving efficiency in your restaurant.


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