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Benefits of Handheld POS in Restaurants

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Technology has revolutionised the way we work, and it is true for the hospitality industry as well. Restaurants today use EPOS systems to take orders, track orders and bill customers. The workflow is greatly simplified, and the moment the customer places an order, the kitchen gets alerted, and the chefs orders the staff to start preparing the meal. The total serving time is greatly reduced which increases customer satisfaction.

In general, using EPOS systems in restaurants can save between 5 to 10 minutes on each order. That means you can serve more customers in less time and generate more revenue. The customer is happy because they don’t have to wait too long for their food. In some cases, customers can use the handheld devices or tablets to search through the menu and place the order themselves without having to be waited on. Customers prefer going to restaurants that have EPOS systems because of their better service and efficiency.

The middle man cost is greatly reduced, and the technology does most of the work for you. Employees are not stressed with noting orders on paper or running to the kitchen to tell the chef about the order. The EPOS system does everything, and even the checkout process becomes faster. The staff doesn’t have to worry about entering all the details again when the customer is ready to pay the bill. The EPOS machine has all the information stored and can quickly retrieve it when it is time to prepare the bill. The waiter simply has to press the button, and the receipt will be printed for the customer. This also reduces the chances of calculations or other errors which often upset customers and spoil their whole experience.

EPOS systems are very flexible and can work on smartphones, tablets or PCs. But there are many options available in the market, and it can be quite difficult to decide. Android based EPOS devices are quite resilient and inexpensive and are more reliable as compared to other operating systems. The benefit of using Android devices is that they are supported by multiple vendors and can easily be integrated with your existing hardware systems. Android EPOS systems also fit nicely into different screen sizes and support different formats.

On the other hand, EPOS systems that use Apple’s iOS operating system can only function on iPads, iPhone or other Apple hardware which limits their usability. iOS based EPOS systems are not only expensive but the devices that support them are also very costly. Legacy iOS EPOS systems cost about £ 5,000, and that is only the upfront fees. The cost of installation and maintenance is separate from this. Upgrading to the latest model comes at an extra cost, and these iOS systems are not very durable.

In essence, if you want a reliable and cheap EPOS system for your restaurant, you are better off with the Android operating system. It is user friendly, interoperable, and will save you the money that you can invest in your restaurant business.


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