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FireflyApps Ltd

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Next Gen Solutions

Application Development
is at the core of our Business

​FireflyApps Limited provide high standard IT solutions to small & medium scale companies. We strive to be the most reliable and outstanding company delivering high quality services to our customers.

We understand that every business is different,
so we offer a suite of products to manage
your business effortlessly.

Restaurant Management Solutions
Presto Express makes taking orders, running your business and forecasting sales easier.
Choose from a range of solutions to help make running your business easier.
Presto Express is a simple, yet powerful point of sale solution from Fireflyapps Ltd, designed specifically for restaurants to help improve the customer’s experience, reduce the staffs workload and help ensure that as a restaurant manager, you have the data you need to plan more strategically.
Whether you opt for the waiter’s hand held point of sale system or the table top systems, the Presto Express Point of Sale System will provide a richer, seamless customer experience.
It works by helping you to get rid of restaurant inefficiencies such as cutting out the time needed to type an order back up on the till and slices out the time your front of house team spend walking back and forth to the kitchen with orders. ​
HACCP compliance
& food safety management
Kicheck is another smart technology product by Fireflyapps Ltd to easily make your restaurant kitchen compliant with HACCP guidelines.
With kicheck restaurants can now use mobile technology. No more papers for due diligence records or the training records. All in one user friendly system.
Next Gen Table Reservation
Presto Table is a next generation Advanced Table Reservation system by FireflyApps Ltd, which can completely automate the reservation taking process of your restaurant.
Coming Soon!
IT Support & Infrastructure Management


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